With 25 years experience in painting, decorating and now specializing in ISTINTO by Giorgio Graesan.

Pietra Contemporanea

Contemporary stone look

Pietra Spaccata

Split stone


Bamboo look

Pietra Zen

Japanese inspired stone look

Cemento Naturale

Natural concrete look

Muro Naturale

Natural stone wall look

Muro Naturale is now available.
It's a natural stone look with a vintage twist with its added Mica Minerals.

ISTINTO is a natural material based on lime powders, marble dust and other natural minerals of various dimensions. With ISTINTO you can create the following combinations, and much more.

All these products have about 169 color combinations, which can be adapted and modified to your 'INSTINCT' liking, which will allow you to personalize your own style in your home.

They are resistant to mould and bacteria. All walls can be sealed with bees wax or Cera Del Vecchio.

Vetro is also a sealer suitable for wet areas or any wall you want protected. It  is available  in matt or gloss.

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